A group of students who attended The inaugural International Business summit
Students participating in the conference at the University of Birmingham Dubai

The Strategy and International Business (SIB) Department organised a four-day International Business summit (from 25 to 28 March 2024) hosted at the University of Birmingham Dubai campus, tailored for students enrolled on the MSc International Business Programme across UK, Singapore, and Dubai. The summit was officially opened by Provost Professor Yusra Mouzughi.

Throughout, attendees engaged in enlightening talks and panel discussions featuring distinguished guests, delving into pivotal themes shaping today's global business landscape. From sustainability initiatives to the transformative impacts of AI and technological advancements on the international business sphere and job market. There were also discussions on the skills and competencies vital for navigating the complexities of international business, as well as strategies for effectively managing cultural diversity within global teams and ethical considerations inherent to international business operations. These sessions were streamed live to students and colleagues from the who were not able to travel to Dubai to join.

Social activities were thoughtfully integrated into the agenda, facilitating invaluable networking opportunities. Participants had the chance to meet peers from other locations and in a campus exploration activity led by Dubai-based students. As a culminating event, mixed student groups from all three locations collaborated and competed on business and social project pitches.

A standout moment was a visit to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in Dubai. Here, students immersed themselves in a different culture, a pivotal aspect of an international business education. Against the backdrop of Ramadan, participants experienced the Athan, the call to prayer, followed by a communal Iftar meal shared with Emirati hosts, and a visit to the Diwan Mosque for enlightening discussions. 

 A group of students who attended an Iftar in Dubai

Incorporating both intellectual discourse and cultural immersion, the International Business summit transcended conventional academic events, enriching participants' perspectives and fostering lasting connections among students across our three locations.