Railway tracks and points

“There is common ground about the creation of a guiding mind covering track and train and to enable politicians to get out of the detail. It’s good news that Labour wants to progress quickly to this new way of working by setting up Great British Railways in shadow mode in advance of legislation. And it’s hopefully common ground that the GBR needs to empower local teams to do what’s right for customers and taxpayers.   

“There will be a wider range of views about the role of private sector in operations. But what matters is customer experience and value for money. So it’s good to hear that the Labour Party does not have a dogmatic or universal position and there is at least a role for private sector freight operators in supporting our climate agenda and support for open access operators as a catalyst for improved focus on customers.  

“The railway needs a long-term plan which is underpinned by a clear technical strategy, consistent investment, innovation, a more diverse workforce and inclusive customer experience. Hopefully whoever is in power will enable long-awaited change.”