CD album cover for The Impermanence of Things.

Professor Michael Zev Gordon celebrated the release of his second album with NMC Recordings this month. The Impermanence of Things consists of three large-scale works commissioned and performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra and London Sinfonietta that engage with themes of memory, loss and the search for serenity.

I'm absolutely thrilled that a new album of my orchestral and large ensemble work has just been released on the NMC record label, a champion of British New Music.

Professor Michael Zev Gordon, Professor of Composition at the Department of Music

“Two of the works were commissioned by the BBC Symphony Orchestra: ‘Bohortha’, which was also supported by AHRC research fellowship; and ‘Violin Concerto’, which I wrote also thanks to specially extended study leave from the University at the time of writing,” says Professor Gordon.

“The work which gives the album its title, ‘The Impermanence of Things’, was a commission from the London Sinfonietta and reflects on subjects long at the heart of my research: memory, loss and the musical portrayal of serenity.”

Professor Gordon has been the recipient of the Prix Italia, and two British Composer Awards. Two of his previous albums – On Memory and In the Middle of Things – were both in The Times' ‘100 Best Albums of the Year’ lists.