How can my school get involved?

The first phase of the project will launch in schools across the city in the spring term of 2022 using content from Tech She Can’s ‘Tech We Can’ programme.

The Tech We Can resources aim to inspire children about a future career in technology by highlighting: 

  • the breadth of tech careers available; 
  • the diversity of people who work in technology; 
  • the many ways in which technology is used in everyday life; and 
  • how technology careers relate to children’s passions and hobbies. 
Teacher working on a laptop with children

There are a range of free Tech We Can resources available for teachers, students and parents to explore. These include: 

  • ‘On demand’ recorded lessons (aimed at children aged 8-14)
    Each video lesson ranges from 15 - 40 minutes long, covers a different tech topic and includes a creative challenge for students.
  • Lesson packs (aimed at children aged 8-14)
    Each lesson is mapped to the National Curriculum, is around two hours long, and comes with written instructions and a 10-minute tutorial video. Covering 14 different tech topics, the lesson packs are simple to use and tailored to different levels of technology.
  • Role model videos (aimed at children aged 8-14 and young adults aged 15+)
    These short videos feature young women talking about their roles working in technology, how they came to work in tech and advice for students. 
  • Animated lessons (aimed at children aged 5+)
    This series of animations is aimed at educating and inspiring children from an early age about technology and the people who work in technology.
  • ‘Champions’ 
    Champions from our industry partners are available to visit schools in person or virtually and deliver the Tech We Can resources to the children to highlight practical examples of how students can start to think about a job in technology. 

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