E-newsletter service for employers

Connect with Birmingham’s brightest students using targeted e-newsletters.

Reach thousands of the University of Birmingham’s students using our affordable and tailored e-newsletters (called Careers Digests), helping you to reach recruitment targets and effectively build your organisation’s reputation amongst our student community. 

Through our targeted service, you will have the option to choose when and who you advertise your opportunities to, ensuring optimal engagement with the right students, at the right time. 


Which students can I target?

Our student e-newsletters (Careers Digests) are organised by college and distributed monthly during the academic term. 

Why should I choose e-newsletters?

It’s a flexible and affordable way to draw a large cohort of student’s attention, boosting the reputation of your organisation and opportunities. Here’s just a few advantages to using the service:

  • Let students know when you’ll be on campus
  • Highlight your graduate and undergraduate programmes
  • Promote application opening or closing date
  • Raise your organisation’s profile in the student community
  • Advertise your events or competitions

How much does it cost?

At just £160+VAT per entry, you can reach thousands of students quickly, easily and affordably.

On request, we can also send a breakdown of the e-newsletters open rates and click-throughs on your advert. 

How do I submit an advert?

Please complete our e-newsletter submission form below. Please ensure you complete all parts and submit your entry by the dates detailed within the form.

If you have any problems with your booking, then please contact recruiters@contacts.bham.ac.uk

For further information please contact a member of the Employer Relations team via recruiters@contacts.bham.ac.uk.