Advertising vacancies and opportunities

Employers can advertise their opportunities to University of Birmingham students and graduates through Careers Network.

Advertise your graduate and internship opportunities

You can register your organisation on Careers Connect and advertise graduate vacancies, placements, internships, volunteering and part-time jobs by uploading these to our online vacancies and opportunities board. The process is simple, user-friendly and free of charge.

Once your organisation has been approved, you will have direct access to update your profile, upload and edit your opportunities at your own convenience.

Please note that if you are a third-party provider - an external company or organisation which organises/facilitates international/overseas experiences, such as TEFL (Teach English as a foreign language), internships, placements, volunteering or field trips for students - we will require you to provide some additional information before advertising your opportunities. Please complete this information on the Overseas Opportunities Registration Form.

To further promote your opportunities you can use our e-newsletter service and social media

Vacancy advertising terms and conditions

You must agree to our vacancy advertising terms and conditions before uploading your opportunities. All submissions are first approved by the Employer Relations Team or the Work Experience Team to ensure these terms have been met. We reserve the right to refuse opportunities that are deemed unacceptable for our students.

Careers Connect key definitions

There are lots of terms used in Careers Connect to define our students or opportunities. Some of the key terms are defined below:

  • Graduate – a student who has undertaken a bachelor’s degree (e.g. BA, BSc, BEd)
  • Postgraduate – a student who has undertaken a masters or further study on top of their bachelor’s degree (e.g. MA, MSc, PGCE)
  • Internship – a short-term paid position, usually taking place over the summer vacation, where a student works as part of your business, both fulfilling a business need and gaining skills through training
  • Graduate internship - an internship which can be for a longer duration and outside of the summer period, to provide the intern with professional experience and the opportunity to develop skills related to working in a particular sector or profession
  • Placement – a temporary position of up to one year, which forms part of a student’s degree (also known as a year in industry or sandwich year)
  • Volunteering – an unpaid role where students provide a service for a charity
  • Work Experience – an unpaid opportunity for students to gain experience of an industry, perhaps through job shadowing. The opportunity should not fulfil a business need
  • Fee-paying Overseas Opportunity - work experience opportunities outside of the UK requiring a financial payment from students.
  • Part-time job - a casual paid position that students can undertake alongside their studies

Please contact the Employer Relations Team on for further information on advertising graduate vacancies.

For further information on Internships, placements, volunteering, freelance, work experience and part-time vacancies, please contact