Short course

Introduction to Health Economics

This course focusses on the fundamental principles of health economics. Topics explored will cover health and health care systems, economic evaluation methods, and how health economics connects with health policy, leading to greater insights of challenges being faced by the healthcare industry.

Start date
25-29 September 2023
5 days
Home - £1130 International - £2350
Postgraduate Microcredential
20 credits

This module is designed to introduce the basic principles of health economics and equip you with the basic knowledge needed to interpret and appraise applied studies in health economics. The course covers issues including health and health care systems, methods of economic evaluation, setting priorities using health economics and the interface between health economics and health policy.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the roles and limitations of markets and incentives in health systems;
  • Distinguish between the different forms of economic evaluation and show an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches;
  • Critically review published economic evaluations of health technologies;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the techniques used to measure both costs and benefits in the evaluation of health care.


Monday: Economics and health: Issues in health economics; welfarism and extra-welfarism and demand for and production of health

Tuesday: Introduction to economic evaluation part I: Methods of economic evaluation; measuring costs; measuring outcomes and trial based economic evaluation.

Wednesday: Introduction to economic evaluation part II: Introduction to decision modelling; dealing with uncertainty and other issues and presenting and using economic evaluation.

Thursday: Health and healthcare organisation: markets, supply and demand; market failure in health care and program budgeting and marginal analysis

Friday: Priority setting: Practical applications; case studies and group feedback session


20 credits

Attendance Required
1 block week of teaching


25th September - 29th September 2023


1 x 3000 word assignments (70%)1 Multiple choice question exam (30%)

Academic Leads

Dr Philip Kinghorn - Senior Lecturer in Health Economics
Dr Jesse Kigozi - Senior Lecturer in Health Economics

Stand Alone Course

This module can be taken as a stand alone course, which if taken will not be assessed and no credits will be awarded.  

Fee if taken as a stand alone course

UK/EU - £1109 (Public Sector), £1599 (Private Sector)
Non UK/EU - £1617

Entry requirements if taken as a stand alone course
There are no specific entry requirements to take this module as a stand alone, non assessed course.

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More information

For enquiries about the Health Economics MSc programmes, please contact the Teaching Admin Team or Dr Raymond Oppong (Programme Lead).

For enquiries about taking a Stand Alone Course, please contact Dr Jesse Kigozi (Deputy Programme Lead).