Running a Clinical Business

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This module is specifically designed for distance learning to enable students to develop clear understanding of the fundamental theoretical principles of dental business management and will include discussions on patient (adult and child) patients.

Students will be able to apply comprehensive educational guidelines to enable assessment, analysis and management of personal and business development and clinical governance in general dental practice, to compliment the clinical skills gained in the other five modules. In this respect, cost effectiveness of different restorative techniques will be addressed. Principles of advanced in-surgery infection control will be discussed while the management of a variety of adult oral conditions has been addressed in previous modules, this module will also provide information on the management of conditions commonly encountered in child patients and the elderly.

Credits available
20 Masters level credits

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  • 10% Create and submit patient information literature specific to an individual practice that demonstrates clear understanding of consumer requirements
  • 20% Create and submit job description for a new member of staff that demonstrates leadership and organisational skill.
  • 20% Create and submit a practice infection control document that demonstrates clear understanding of the relevant guidelines and which would be suitable for the training of a new member of staff.
  • 10% Submit a structured, reflective personal/practice plan for continuing professional development for immediate future beyond MSc
  • 40% Produce a case report (1500 words) on a child or elderly patient whose dental problems you have managed.

Entry requirements
Dental degree and to be working actively in dental practice.

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University of Birmingham website

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