Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Studies

This PGDip Teaching Studies programme is for recently qualified teachers who are interested in continuing their professional development. Successful completion will allow you to progress onto the MA in Teaching Studies. The School also offers a number of specialised Professional Development programmes which will enable teachers to further develop their career.

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These three modules will allow you to identify and investigate aspects of professional practice as qualified teachers with the aim of improving that practice. The course normally runs as a one year programme and commences in September and ends in July.

The modules are undertaken in succession and are taught on Saturdays.

Teaching studies 1

Investigating my work with learners

One Saturday in September, two Saturdays in October and one Saturday in November

This module will provide you with the opportunity to investigate teaching in relation to numerous issues.  Examples of issues include behaviour management; motivation; being a class teacher in a primary school; being a form tutor in a secondary school; rewards and sanctions; mixed ability classes; set/streamed/banded classes; more/less able learners; older/younger learners.

Assessment deadline: January

Teaching studies 2

Investigating my subject teaching

One Saturday in January, two Saturdays in February, one Saturday in March

The Investigating my subject teaching module focuses on your work as a subject teacher and how lessons are created, along with other opportunities for learners to learn the subject most effectively. Teaching can be investigated in relation to numerous issues.  Examples of issues include teaching specific aspects of a subject such as key concepts or essential subject skills and understanding; evaluating a series of lessons/scheme of work; balancing teaching to the test with broader subject learning; creating subject learning through science or technology experiments/field visits/sports competitions; subject teaching in a primary school.

Assessment deadline: April

Teaching studies 3

Investigating my work as a member of a school team

One Saturday in April, two Saturdays in February, one Saturday in June

This module will normally centre on your work with other staff in your school and how this work can contribute to overall school improvement. The module will provide you with an opportunity for you to investigate your work in relation to numerous issues.  Examples include being part of a subject/pastoral/other team; engaging with parents; engaging with the local community; working on extra-curricular activities such as trips, sport and cultural activities.

Assessment deadline: July

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Fees and funding

Fees for 2018/19 will depend on the number of modules taken. Please contact the school for details.

Entry requirements

You should be a practising teacher with a first degree and a PGCE with QTS (with M level credit). For primary school teachers a first degree classification of 2:2 or higher is necessary. All applications are subject to academic reference and you will also need written support from your headteacher to confirm that it is acceptable to carry out your research within your school. The references should be submitted alongside your application.

How to apply

When clicking on the Apply Now button you will be directed to an application specifically designed for the programme you wish to apply for where you will create an account with the University application system and submit your application and supporting documents online. Further information regarding how to apply online can be found on the How to apply pages

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You will attend regular lectures and seminars as detailed in the course structure and have access to a wide range of library and online learning resources. Formative feedback throughout the module will include the appropriateness of focus; the literature base; chosen research methods; data collection; analysis and conclusions; critical evaluation, impact on professional practice and self-evaluation.

Assessment typically comprises of one 4,000 word written assignment per module.

PGDip Teaching Studies graduates can progress onto the MA Teaching Studies programme. Continuing professional development aids teachers’ prospects for promotion.