Cardiovascular Practical Skills Toolkit

Course Type
Postgraduate, Module

Cardiovascular Practical Skills Toolkit (20 credits)

This module will introduce you to modern biomedical research techniques commonly used in the study of cardiovascular science. You will be introduced to each technique through a seminar/discussion session where the theory behind the technique is followed by explanation of its applications, limitations, considerations for carrying out, etc. Where appropriate, you will also receive a practical demonstration of each technique with hands on experience. Techniques to be covered include:

  • Flow based studies
  • Human cardiovascular physiology techniques
  • Platelet function tests
  • Cardiac Physiology techniques – in vivo models
  • Angiogenesis assays
  • Genomics and rare diseases
  • Advanced microscopy

In addition, you will be given demonstration and practical experience in standard wet lab techniques to ensure you have a basic lab skills prior to starting your research project. This will also be an opportunity to refresh previously learned skills.

Module attendance required
Sessions covering each set of topics will run once a week over the course of the autumn term (2 – 3 hours per week).

Module dates
Module dates to be confirmed shortly.


  • A wet practical assessment of basic lab skills (25%)
  • Essay (2500 words)on application of cardiovascular techniques (75%)

Academics involved in the delivery of this module:

Dr Steve Thomas
Professor Neil Morgan