Critical Care, Torso Trauma & Burns Management

Course Type
Postgraduate, Module

Module overview

This module has been designed to enable students to gain an understanding of evidenced based practice of trauma critical care, the pathogenesis, natural history, assessment and management of the complications that follow and also reconstruction of acute burn injuries and its application to improve the clinical management of thoraco-abdominal, junctional and burns afflicted trauma.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the consequences of major thoraco-abdominal and junctional trauma and requirements for critical care support and interventions and of the underpinning evidence base from original published sources.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the breadth and magnitude of burn injury, their pathogenesis and a systemic response to burns.
  • Evaluate the complications of thoracoabdominal, junctional and burns injuries and select the most appropriate management options for these patients.
  • Discuss the importance of multi-disciplinary and cross-specialty approach to the assessment and management of thoracoabdominal, junctional and burns injuries.

Module attendance required

One day a week – Thursdays 

Module dates

November - January 


15 minute oral presentation of case study plus 5 minutes for questions.

Method of teaching

Lectures, seminars, tutorials and clinical observation as well as self-directed activities including case studies 

Academics involved in the delivery of this module

  • Professor Naiem Moiemen
  • Dr Paul Harrison