Course Type
Postgraduate, Module

In this module you will demonstrate your applied knowledge and skills in a specific area of applied health research methods, or public health theory or practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Plan an investigation in a related field.
  2. Review and critically analyse previous work in this area to determine / refine and inform the focus and nature of the investigation.
  3. Determine appropriate methods of investigation for the current task; justifying the approach selected and recognising its limitations.
  4. Collect or review and critically analyse data or information in the relevant field.
  5. Interpret data or information collected and explain its significance.
  6. Present the work in appropriate formats to a variety of reviewers.


Protocol of ~2,000-4,000 words (20%)
Dissertation of ~10,000 words (75%)
Poster (5%)


60 credits

Module Attendance and Dates 

The module runs over the whole academic year with submission in early September.
The typical timeline for this course is as follows, (please note, these are approximate timelines only):

  • In Semester 1 you will meet with potential supervisors and agree a project title.
  • In Semester 2 you will develop and submit a project protocol.  You are required to attend a protocol presentation day in late February.
  • Final submission for the dissertation will be in early September. 

Module Coordinators