Drug IP Management and Commercialisation

Course Type
Postgraduate, Module

Module Overview
This module will focus on the importance of Intellectual Property (IP), and subsequent commercialisation of biotechnology, in the drug development process. This knowledge will be vital for students appreciation of how fledgling pharmaceutical companies control their drug portfolio; this also being critical in the further commercialisation and economic success of the company. Students will also examine and analyse current aspects of healthcare markets, leading to an understanding of how to value a drug/project/company in the prevailing economic climate. Students will investigate in detail the stage involved in creating spin-out companies, leading to the founding of small- to medium-sized enterprises (SME). Examples of how successful SMEs are managed, structured, and financed, will provide students with an in depth knowledge and critical awareness of how pharmaceutical companies expand and develop.

Credits available
20 Masters level credits

Module dates

Module attendance required
TBC, 30 hours contact time with lectures and small group teaching sessions

This module will require a 3000 word marketing case report worth 35%, an oral presentation worth 30% and a short answer exam worth 35%

Academics involved in the delivery of this module 

  • Dr Paul Foster (Deputy Programme Lead, Module Lead, and Lecturer in Molecular Endocrinology) – University of Birmingham.
  • Prof. Nick Barnes (Programme Lead and Professor of Neuropharmacology) – University of Birmingham
  • Dr. Gary Thorpe (Biochemistry Director) – Wolfson Applied Technology Laboratory.
  • Robert Perry (Partner) - Gill Jennings & Every LLP.
  • Dr. Nigel Barnes (Partner) – WG Partners
  • Dr. Jonathan Watkins (Senior IP & Licencing Manager) – Alta Innovations.
  • Dr. Mathew Leese (Associate Attorney) – Avidity IP.

How to register/apply 
Contact our Course Administrator:
(0121) 415 8118