Principles of Health Technology Assessment

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Postgraduate, Continuing professional development, Module

Principles of Health Technology Assessment



Course withdrawal

This course has been withdrawn and will no longer be accepting applications.


The module introduces students to the principles of health technology assessment (HTA) and its place in healthcare decision making. The aim of the module is to provide students with an understanding of: what technologies are; the rationale underpinning the need for HTA; the history of the development of HTA; organisations, systems and approaches to HTA; and the differing perspectives of the role and use of HTA. The module takes students on a journey from the regulation of technologies, through the mechanisms underpinning the evidence based approach to their adoption by healthcare systems on clinical and cost-effectiveness grounds to the influence of HTA on the continued development of new technologies. It is illustrated throughout by reference to real world examples.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module you should be able to:

1. Describe the different types of health technologies and demonstrate the different evidence requirements for regulation

2. Recognise and describe the different stages of the HTA cycle (horizon scanning, prioritisation, evidence assessment, policy making, dissemination and implementation)

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the information and evidence requirements for healthcare policy making in the context of new and existing health technologies.

4. Understand the rationale underpinning the need for HTA from a healthcare, economic and societal perspective.

5. Describe the origins, development, and current status of HTA in England, elsewhere in the UK, and internationally.

6. Explore critically the current systems for HTA and health care policy making in the UK with particular reference to local commissioning and national decision making (e.g. NICE).


10 credits.

Module Attendance Required

One block week of teaching.

Module Dates

Module dates are to be confirmed.


One written assignment.

Module Coordinators:

Module Lead: Dr Derek Ward

Deputy Module Lead: Dr Agnieszka Ignatowicz

Stand Alone Course

This module can be taken as a standalone course if required.

The course can be taken as an assessed or non assessed week. To apply, please contact the MPH Programme Coordinator. All applications must be received a minimum of one month before the start date of the module. For further information on fees and entry requirements, please contact the Programme Coordinator.