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Image Analysis and Quantitative Modelling II

Course Type
Postgraduate, Module

Module Overview

The aim of this module is to give all students an understanding of how biological models can be built and informed by quantitative biological descriptions extracted from microscopy data that the students explored in Image Analysis and Quantitative Modeling I. 

The first part of the module will consist of an introduction to scientific programming in a combination of taught lectures on theoretical aspects and practical classes on common coding structures. The module will be taught in a computer class and use the MATLAB programming language and cover opening/saving data, variable management, arrays, loops and calling functions. The second part will consist of building basic biological models, informed by microscopy data. The students will use already-existing tools to model cell behavior such as migration, molecule diffusion and reaction kinetics and learn to write a basic model themselves in MATLAB.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Compare the properties of different coding languages and how programs are structured
  2. Use common, pre-made cell modelling software to build mathematical biological models and make experimental predictions
  3. Be able to code a simple biological model and tune its parameters
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of more complex models and discuss the strengths and limitations of these

Module Attendance

The module will be delivered in the teaching areas of the Medical School and via online formats.

Module Dates

Semester 2 - January


  • 50% practical project assessed by oral examination (to assess outcomes 2, 4)
  • 50% practical report assessed via written report (to assess outcomes 1, 3)

Academics involved in the delivery of this module

Module Lead: Professor Dylan Owen
Deputy Lead: Professor Davide Calebiro