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Laboratory Research Methods in Immunology

Course Type
Postgraduate, Module

Laboratory Research Methods in Immunology (10 credits)
Students will receive practical demonstrations in a variety of techniques and platform technologies. Students will be taught about current state-of the art technology available within the College. Students will receive introductory lectures on specific advanced methodologies including microarray, multiplex PCR, next gen sequencing, genomic analysis, X ray crystallography, in vivo imaging of animals and patients, several microscopy techniques, gene manipulation of vertebrates, flow cytometry and sorting, and digital image analysis. These sessions will be taught by lecture and demonstration. Practical sessions on data analysis microscopy images, flow cytometric data and real time PCR are provided.

Module attendance required
Two weeks of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions.

Module dates
17 October – 26 October 2017


  • Practical examination
  • Performance in key laboratory techniques will be a competence test
  • Written examination (100%): MCQ (15) and SAQ questions (3) (1h exam)

Academics involved in the delivery of this module
Prof. Kai-Michael Toellner (Institute for Immunology and Immunotherapy) and a number of other researchers from across the College of Medical and Dental Sciences.