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Principles and Practices of Occupational Health Practice

Course Type

Module Overview

Within this module, a firm foundation will be provided upon which you may build your professional practice. Topics will include: Definitions of health and fitness; Historical perspective; Modern stakeholders; Surveillance information in the UK, including notification systems; Nature, extent and distribution of occupational ill health in the UK, trends and forecasts; Concept of hazard and risk; Foundations of risk management; Required outcomes of occupational health practice; Evidence-based practice; Health screening and surveillance (including biological and biological effects monitoring); Policies, plans and priorities; Structures and processes, Resource management, Ethics, audit, governance, communication; Taking an occupational history; Format for factory walk round.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate and communicate to stakeholders and others a systematic knowledge and understanding of the concepts and importance of health, fitness, and hazard identification and risk assessment in relation to work in modern society;
  • Evaluate, criticise and apply information on hazards, health patterns and trends from appropriate sources;
  • Apply appropriate management principles to define, plan and lead delivery and communication of appropriate occupational health outcomes effectively and efficiently.


10 credits


Essays and presentation

Please note this module is only available as part of the International Doctoral Training Programme