Evidence-based Neurological Rehabilitation

Course Type
Postgraduate, Continuing professional development, Module

Module Overview

This module is designed to prepare the student for clinical practice within the field of neurological rehabilitation for adults and children. It will facilitate the exploration of the assessment and management of neurological dysfunction in the context of evidence-based practice in adults and children. Practical and workshop sessions will develop the relevant assessment and handling skills introduced in the Therapeutic Rehabilitation module. These skills will be synthesised through a case study approach to assist students in the development of their clinical reasoning. Service user involvement will be included to challenge the student in understanding the need for patient-centred care and the psychosocial challenges presented with neurological dysfunction.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  •  Discuss consequences of disruptions to normal structure and function as a result of pathology, injury and aging.
  • assessment in neurological rehabilitation and demonstrate ability to conduct an effective assessment and interpret findings.
  • Critically evaluate the methods and the theoretical reasoning underpinning the physiotherapy techniques used in the treatment of neurological dysfunction
  • Demonstrate safe therapeutic handling skills needed to facilitate the rehabilitation of a person with a neurological dysfunction.
  • Critically analyse the psychosocial issues relevant to the assessment and management of neurological dysfunction
  • Critically evaluate practice through seeking evidence of personal and treatment effectiveness 


20 credits


On-line examination – video analysis and short answer questions – 40 minutes focused on assessment and treatment (50% weighting)
Poster presentation and defense – 20 minutes (50% weighting) 

Module lead

Dr Jill Ramsay