Sports Medicine (Football) 2

Course Type
Postgraduate, Continuing professional development, Module

Module Overview

This module focuses on the integrated management and rehabilitation of the elite athlete. The module will use clinical reasoning and excellence in clinical skills to explore issues associated with managing and rehabilitating illness/injury within football and sport.

The module will explore the clinical decision-making of effective rehabilitation design and implementation. Reviewing and discussing acute injury management, rehabilitation progressions, bio-psychosocial approaches and returning an athlete to high-performance sport. Analysing different equipment and adjuncts to support and monitor an athlete’s rehabilitation journey. A key aspect is the role of the interdisciplinary team and working as an effective member to support an athlete/team. Content is supported by a range of industry experts promoting thought-provoking discussions.

As part of the module, there is a two-day Pitchside emergency care qualification which is internationally recognised and is equivalent to the FA level 4 to work in professional football/sport.



Combination of delivery (lectures, seminars, practical workshops) at the University of Birmingham, with directed and self-directed activities.

The module can be taken without this component for applicants with a current and valid Pitchside qualification. If this is your intention, please discuss this with the module lead before enrolling.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Critically evaluate rehabilitation frameworks and athlete application.
  • Demonstrate advanced clinical reasoning skills in the progression and rehabilitation management of illnesses/injuries.
  • Critically evaluate different approaches to managing and rehabilitating athletes in the context of evidence-based practice.
  • Develop and enhance understanding of the wider interdisciplinary team role in rehabilitation and return to sport.



20 credits


Module Attendance:

Approximately 60 hours.

Students are expected to contribute significant time to self-directed studies to support their learning and reflections.


Module Dates 

Semester 2 module- running between January-May, the module is split into four two-day blocks typically running on a Wednesday and Thursday.

This module provides supportive learning arrangements for students studying alongside their professional clinical work.

The two-day Pitch Side Emergency course will be held at the University of Birmingham run by an external company.  



Viva of an athlete’s rehabilitation case history from the student's developing portfolio exploring the evidence-base, reflections and clinical reasoning.


Academics involved in the delivery of this module

  • Caroline White
  • Further supported by University academics with industry experience
  • External specialist lecturers