Forming the foam on your frothy coffee

By Ariz Lazidis.

Ariz Lazidis

“Whey proteins present in milk can be treated by a thermal process that involves applying shear and heat in order to create tailored structures that have enhanced properties compared to regular milk.”

"In this case, the technology of manufacturing flowable gels (a.k.a fluid gels) has been used in order to create whey protein mixtures that can provide very stable bubbles upon aeration. This technology can be used in food formulation where foams are essential for enhancing the pleasurable experience of the consumer (frothy beverages, gourmet foams etc.).

The picture shows an air bubble stabilised by whey protein gel particles. The particles are able to surround the bubble and all the channels created by the neighbouring bubbles (plateau borders) entrapping the air very efficiently."

Ariz Lazidis is a postgraduate researcher in the School of Chemical Engineering.