The value of Doctoral Research

Each year we challenge our researchers to define and capture their research through a single image. These photographs and illustrations are a stunning and thought-provoking way to engage the public in our research, helping to explain and communicate complex issues and increase our understanding of the important scientific, humanitarian or cultural research our postgraduate researchers are conducting.

About the Images of Research

Growing Nanopillars

Am I in Your Network?

The Chilean Experiment

Forming the Foam on Your Frothy Coffee

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Landscape and trees for Natural Flood Management

Gravitational Waves: Whispers of the Universe

Matrix Extraction

The Fluorescent Brain of the Thy1/YFP Mouse

Minding the Gap

Showcasing Defiance in Urban Hong Kong


The Face of the Stasi

Empty Net and a Smile

Pill Panopticon

Looking Up

A Fisheye View of a Changing Climate

Chernobyl Swimming

'Leaves on the Line'

Multi-hazard Transport System Modelling

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"What would you say to a cup of tea?"

Rapid Researchers

Explaining research in 60 seconds


The Future of Drug Testing

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