Minding the Gap

By Mita Parmar.

Mita Parmar

“My research looks at how our everyday communications, viewed as a psychic event, subtly performs a moving narrative text of our conscious and unconscious social relations.”

"What we communicate is our perpetually negotiated understanding of ourselves in relation to others. We exist within a collective social space that connects us consciously and unconsciously. What we communicate has a ‘ripple effect’ within a psychic culture of ourselves narrated through our self-other relation.

My research analyses legal relation as a potent site for generating social relations. “Minding the Gap” is our ability to see regulation beyond itself. It is searching for symbolic regulative spaces as ‘platforms’ for transcending psychically narrated relations: the gaps in law’s negotiations. It is communicatively evoking the possibility of connecting to each other elsewhere."

Mita Parmar is a postgraduate researcher in Birmingham Law School.

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