The Chilean Experiment

By Carla Paraguerz-Camus.

Carla Paraguerz-Camus

“The photograph is a representation of the neo-liberal testing ground that was Chilean society. Chile was one of the first countries to implement the neo-liberal model, as envisaged by Milton Friedman and the monetarist economists of the Chicago School.”

"Since 1973, Chilean society has been radically transformed, not only in economic terms, but economic rationales have also served to produce a new state architecture and recast social relationships, which are labelled on the test tube rack. 

My research explores the role played by the neoliberal economic model and social policy in the production of both economic gains and collateral social harms in Chile between 1973 and 2015."

Carla Paraguerz-Camus is a postgraduate researcher in the Institute of Applied Social Sciences.

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