'Leaves on the line'

Modelling a multi-hazard transport system, by Rachel Fisher.

Rachel Fisher

“This image illustrates a conceptual sketch of a transport network represented as a system, with clearly defined elements and variables which converge at junctions (or nodes).”

"Understanding the effects of weather on transport networks is crucial to ensuring continued operation, particularly in the face of a changing climate.

Part of the system has been magnified, enabling the clear visualisation of the points of interaction where hazards that could affect the transport network can be more readily identified for further investigation to determine the magnitude of risk affecting any single point of a national network. By identifying and quantifying the risks or vulnerabilities at specific points in a system, these weak links in the network can then be targeted in order to mitigate these risks creating resilient transport networks for years to come."

Rachel Fisher is a postgraduate researcher in the School of Civil Engineering.

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