Educational exclusion

Autistic children and young people are more likely to be excluded from English schools than the general school population and the rate of exclusion is increasing year on year. Excluding autistic pupils (expelling and suspending them) further compounds the already poor educational experiences and outcomes autistic people experience.

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I still feel excluded and my self-belief is low due to not being accepted for who I am.
43 year old woman who was excluded from a primary mainstream

We have been researching the experiences of a range of groups in the first comprehensive study of exclusion and autism in England. This UKRI funded project included: a literature review; a survey of autistic adults, parents and teachers; a consultation with autistic children and young people; identifying best practice with a specialist autism team at Birmingham City Council.

We are currently working on a free to access course for school leadership and teachers on the causes of exclusion, legal obligations and best practice.


Sad boy sitting at a table looking at some school work