ACER resources

Please find below a number of resources which may be useful to you.

Attention and Autism

This a 4 week MOOC, to help you understand how attention works in autistic people.


The Autism&Uni resource is a European-funded initiative to help autistic students navigate the transition from school to university.


AuVision is an online resource intended for the use of all staff at the University of Birmingham. It is informed by the experiences of autistic students, who gave their views through the work of the AuVision project.

Covid-19 and the impact on families with autistic children

This resource is a set of videos which captured the personal experiences of some families during the Covid pandemic. As well as the videos, ACER also produced a factsheet for teachers called The Good, the Bad and the Helpful to summarise what families told the team. This has a number of recommendations and resources that teaching staff can use. Please feel free to share it and/or print it out.

Learning from autistic perspectives

This resource consists of a number of video presentations from an event which ran in 2017 which was part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science.

Whole School SEND Autism Resource Suite

The aim of these resources is to develop inclusive educational settings for children on the autism spectrum and autistic staff members.

Please also visit the research webpage for a list of publications and reports.