Centre for Corpus Research

The Centre for Corpus Research supports the use of corpus analysis in research, teaching and learning. CCR provides access to a range of corpora and has a dedicated computer suite with specialist resources as well as an eye-tracking laboratory.


Exploring Gender in Children’s Literature from a Cognitive Corpus Stylistic Perspective


10 October 2018


Olu Popoola, a PhD researcher at CCR, has launched OutLiar, a deception blog that showcases investigative linguistic techniques and explores instances of (alleged) duplicity, doublespeak and disinformation in global affairs past and present.

28 September 2018

CLiC and the Cadbury Research Library: The start of a collaboration

Read more about the beginning of the collaboration between the CLiC and GLARE projects with the Cadbury Research Library. The collaboration was kicked off with a seminar for library staff, introducing the CLiC web app and the opportunities it can offer to students, staff and visitors.

06 September 2018

The Language of Fake News

Writing for the Birmingham Brief, Professor Jack Grieve, Professorial Fellow in Corpus Linguistics in the Department of English Language and Linguistics examines the challenge of fake news, and how the language used in it could be the key to its detection.

29 June 2018

Distance-reading the feminine landscapes of The Awakening

In this guest post on the CLiC Dickens Blog Heather Froehlich shows that digital humanities is not all about big data but can also provide useful insights on a smaller scale. She demonstrates this with a case study of Kate Chopin's novella The Awakening.

26 June 2018

The Hermeneutic Cyborg

Professor Stefan Evert (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) delivered the 2018 Sinclair Lecture.

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