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The Centre for Corpus Research supports the use of corpus analysis in research, teaching and learning. CCR provides access to a range of corpora and has a dedicated computer suite with specialist resources as well as an eye-tracking laboratory.


Exploring Gender in Children’s Literature from a Cognitive Corpus Stylistic Perspective


25 May 2018

CLiC on tour in China

In June Professor Michaela Mahlberg, who has been leading the CLiC project, will give a keynote at the 4th Corpus Linguistics in China Conference and then speak at Beihang University (Beijing) and Southwest University (Chongqing).

12 April 2018

Dickens, wooden legs and the Dickensian cyberspace

In this post on the CLiC Dickens Blog, Emma Curry demonstrates how different materials across the 'Dickensian Cyberspace' can be cross-referenced to inform research – with a case study of Dickensian wooden legs.

05 April 2018

Revising Frankenstein with CLiC Dickens

In the run-up to the GCSE English exams, teacher Beth Kemp provides an example on the of how the CLiC web app can aid revision. Read her case study of Frankenstein on the CLiC Dickens Blog.

28 March 2018

What's in a Word: Exam-ready with CLiC

"With less than fifty days until the Literature exams, this exciting new approach could not have fallen into teachers' hands at a better time!" In her guest post on the CLiC Dickens Blog, teacher Katherine Howard (Brockington College, South Leicestershire) writes about using the CLiC web app for GCSE English revision with a case study of 'A Christmas Carol'.

07 March 2018

CLiC in the classroom

In her guest post for the CLiC Dickens Blog, teacher Lorraine Adriano shares her experience of implementing the CLiC web app in her English classroom.

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