At the Terahertz Measurement Facility we offer a flexible range of services for use in both industrial and academic research and development projects.

Thz measurement equipmentThe Keysight N5247B PNA-X 10 MHz to 67 GHz network analyser (pictured above) is capable of measuring, to a high degree of accuracy, the full two-port scattering parameters, (both magnitude and phase) of microwave devices in the frequency range from 10 MHz to 1.1 THz using the frequency converter units, supplied in pairs to permit full two-port measurements.

This equipment can be used in in performing scattering and propagation measurements, measurements of material properties, and characterising RF to THz components such as filters, amplifiers, mixers, antennas and diplexers, which will be the building blocks for THz communications systems, remote sensing systems, radars, imaging systems and medical diagnostic systems.

We will provide technical support on usage of the system including support for software tools such as Spectrum Analyser, Time Domain, Convertor Measurements, Gain Compression, Intermodulation Distortion Measurement and also Material Measurements.

For a discussion about measurement configurations, timescales and costs, please contact our facility manager, Dr Alex Bystrov.