Text Seminar, Autumn 2013

Arts Building - Room 305 (CAHA Museum)
Arts and Law, Lectures Talks and Workshops, Research, Students, Teaching
Thursday 14th November 2013 (17:15-18:30)
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Rosalind MacLachlan: R.F.Maclachlan@bham.ac.uk

Dr Ségolène Tarte (Oxford e-Research Centre)

Working with Textual Artefacts: On Cognition and the Digital


This talk will situate itself at the confluence of the study of Ancient Textual Artefacts, the Digital Humanities, and the Cognitive Humanities. Cognitively informed digital tools for the Humanities are key to the uptake of the Digital Humanities. With examples spanning papyrology, epigraphy, assyriology, and palaeography, this paper will explore some of the key cognitive processes that Ancient Textual Artefacts scholars mobilise and how these cognitive processes might intervene in a digitally supported environment and workflow.


Ségolène Tarte is a digital humanist with a background in image processing and an interest in using methodologies inspired and informed by anthropology, philosophy and the cognitive sciences, to inform the design and development of software systems that will support scholars working with ancient textual artefacts.  In 2012, she held a AHRC early career fellowship to work on the cognitive aspects of the act of interpretation of ancient documents.