Applied Mathematics Research

The Applied Mathematics group is recognised for world leading and internationally excellent research and has collaborations with researchers from industry, healthcare, and other areas of science and engineering.


The primary research interests of the group include:

  • Mathematical Biology;
  • Biological Fluid Mechanics;
  • Mathematics in Healthcare;
  • Fluid Mechanics;
  • Free Surface Flows;
  • Bubble Dynamics;
  • Mixing Processes;
  • Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing;
  • Uncertainty Quantifications;
  • Nonlinear waves;
  • Reaction-Diffusion Theory.

The research group has weekly seminars with invited external speakers, and links to a number of initiatives both within and outside the university. There is a dynamic and supportive research environment at Birmingham and the group welcomes interest from able mathematicians wishing to undertake postgraduate research, and those wishing to apply for competitive fellowships. To find out more about PhD and MPhil opportunities, please see the Graduate School for Mathematics