What We Do


UKEPSS is a national network of doctors, nurses, health care professionals, researchers and patients who are interested in finding the best ways to manage uncommon conditions in early pregnancy

UKEPSS aims to help doctors, nurses, sonographers and other healthcare professionals to...

  • Participate in nationwide surveillance of uncommon conditions in early pregnancy
  • Promote the study of uncommon conditions in early pregnancy
  • Improve patient care and experiences through evidence based guidelines and protocols

UKEPSS aims to involve patients and the public by ...

  • Communicating with patient support groups such as The Miscarriage Association and The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.
  • Including patient representation in planning research studies, prioritising conditions to be studied and in grant applications.
  • Involving public feedback in research design, case prioritisation and the use of grant money.

UKEPSS aims to answer the following questions for conditions studied ...

  • What is the incidence of the condition?
  • What are the presenting characteristics of the condition? Are there any specific features? What factors influence making the correct diagnosis and delay to diagnosis?
  • What are the risk factors?
  • What are the risk factors for severe disease?
  • How is the condition typically managed? What are the important variations in management?
  • Are there any deviations from recommended management guidelines, and if so, how are the outcomes affected?
  • What are the outcomes?
  • What are the factors associated with poor outcomes?
  • What are the variations in outcomes in ethnic minority women and women from disadvantaged backgrounds? How may these variations be addressed to improve outcomes?
  • What are women’s experiences?
  • What is the cost-effectiveness of competing management strategies?