Equipment and facilities

A recent investment of £120k from EPSRC has upgraded the existing AVL PUMA powertrain test bench with the capability of connectivity to ‘everything’. This IoT platform provides an ideal platform to connect the real-time digital models to real vehicles and powertrains. It also allows connectivity with powerful computing resources in the Cloud. The platform will be used for the optimisation of the vehicle’s performance in real-world driving.Connected LaboratoryFig. 2-1. Connected Laboratory
State-of-the-art modelling software (e.g. MATLAB/Simulink, IPG Carmaker, AVL Cruise, Model.Connect) is used to model dynamics of vehicle/powertrain systems. This enables real-time computation with real hardware/driver in the loop.

Industry-level facilities in V-cycle development

Fig. 2-2. Industry-level facilities in V-cycle development

 Motor Test Rig schematic

Fig. 2-3. 110 kW Motor Test Rig for developing EVs
This test rig was original designed for train simulation. Now, it will be used for simulation of the electrified vehicle powertrain, mainly focusing on the energy efficiency, system reliability and battery aging, etc.