Research Centre for High Performance Turbomachinery

High performance turbomachinery has outstanding features, such as high speed, high efficiency and low wear. It enables a range of new devices to emerge and serve multiple industries. It also extends mechanical engineering to a new domain and brings out some exciting benefits. The centre develops both high performance turbomachines and related critical technologies.

The TREx engineThe TREx engine

High performance turbomachines, device and related critical technologies developed at the Research Centre for High Performance Turbomachinery 

 High performance turbomachines and devices  Technologies for high performance turbomachinery
A radical Turbine Range Extender (TREx) for electric vehicles Dual mode air bearings
A microgas turbine for long haul and heavy duty multi-rotor UAVs Rotor design and balance
Air bearing turbochargers Advanced centrifugal compressor and radial turbine technology
Higher performance fuel cell pumps     Low emission and high efficiency gas turbine combustion
High speed pumps and compressors     Design of microgas turbines