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4D Hybrid project details
 Full title 4D Hybrid project details
 Start date 2016
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The 4D Hybrid project aims to develop a system for hybrid additive manufacturing using hybrid modules. It will involve a combination of additive and subtractive processes; combining several processes in one hybrid module, and then combining these modules or adding them to existing machines. The hybrid modules will be based on combination of 4 elementary ones: laser module, powder/wire modules and cold spray module. They will also include a sensing system with a 3D vision system and an infrared laser scanner.

The aim of the projects is to exploit the potential of additive manufacturing for use in initial production, inspection of defective parts, maintenance and in-situ repairs. The result could be the base for creating whole hybrid production lines with applications in numerous fields, such as aerospace, oil and gas, power generation, automotive, railway, or ship building. The resulting technology will be tested by three end users: Siemens, GE and Globotics Industries.

This manufacturing method is projected to save 150.000 tons of raw material, 500.000 GJ of energy and 3.600.000 tons of CO2 per year, as well as reduce the manufacturing time by up to 30% and reduce total life cycle costs by over 30%.

The main role of AMPlab in this project is to assess microstructure and properties of materials after processing and to adequately design the process parameters for hybrid technologies. This also involves incorporation of process modelling in the hybrid module design. The processes studied include selective laser melting (SLM), direct laser fabrication (DLF) and hot isostatic pressing (HIPping).

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