Physical Geography

Physical Geography is a major research theme at Birmingham. We are developing a supradisciplinary science base that utilises cutting-edge field, laboratory and modelling approaches. By building on core strengths in Water Sciences, Soils and Biogeochemistry, Biogeography and Climatology, and blending these with skills across engineering and the social sciences, we address key challenges for a changing environment and society.


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Posted 09 December 2015

Flooding podcast recorded at House of Commons

Profesor David Hannah and Professor Stephen Brammer visited the House of Commons on Tuesday 1 December to speak at an Industry and Parliament Trust Dinner and to record a podcast on the subject of flooding.

Posted 07 May 2015

Mapping rivers and preserving livelihoods

River scientists and marine geophysicists from the US and UK - and led by the University of Birmingham - have teamed up for a unique collaboration that could help protect the lives of thousands of people who live close to the banks of some of South Asia's biggest rivers.


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