Trial Documentation

These documents are for use by collaborators involved in the eGFR-C study. They are the property of the University of Birmingham and East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust and do not constitute any form of advice to participants.

eGFR-C Protocol and other documents

eGFR-C Protocol

eGFR-C Protocol v4.0 02.02.17

eGFR-C Study Handbook

eGFR-C Study Handbook v1.0 (04.06.2014)

eGFR-C PIS and Consent Forms

eGFR-C Participant Information Sheet - Main study v2.0 (05.10.2016)

eGFR-C Consent Form - Main study v2.0 (05.10.2016)

eGFR-C Quick Reference Drug List & Permitted Foods List

eGFR-C Study Drug Reference List v1.1 01.12.15

eGFR-C Permitted Foods List v1.1