Kubra Uygur

Kubra Uygur

Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies
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Inter-communal encounters enabled by Turkish print media in Armenian script, 1850 to 1875
Dr Marios Hadjianastasis
Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies PhD/MA by Research (On-Campus or by Distance Learning)


My research project aims to look into the Turkish print media in Armenian script in the third quarter of the nineteenth century. The research intents to make sense of the hybridity in question in its various forms, with the objective of drawing insights for the respective communal identities and overall imaginations. I intend to probe into the ‘Armeno-Turkish’ media between 1850-1875 through a close reading that entails a hermeneutic approach enriched with insights from postcolonial studies. I use hermeneutics for a more adequate appreciation of the time period, taking on board specific cultural dynamics of the time. Postcolonial studies, such as Bhabha’s work on hybridity, supplies me with notions for an attempt to make sense of the material thus penetrated. My research puts special emphasis in so doing on the periodicals Mecmua-i Havadis (1852-1883), Manzume-i Efkar (1866), Seda-i Hakikat (1870-1873), Ruzname-i Ceride-i Havadis (1861-1864) and Varaka-i Havadis (1863-1870).