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Here at the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences we put our hearts and, more importantly, our world-leading expertise into discovering more about the causes, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, the world’s biggest killer. Here are some of the Institute's members speaking about their research and the University:

Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences Research Theme: Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences Research Themes: Vascular Biology and Inflammation

Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences: Fellowships

Coronary Microcirculation Research – Dr Neena Kalia

Introduction to the Cardiac Disease research theme

Cardiovascular Research with Professor Larissa Fabritz

Cardiovascular Research with Dr Davor Pavlovic and Professor Wiebke Arlt

Cardiovascular Research with Professor Neil Morgan

Understanding the Role of Platelets in Sepsis

A Collaborative Approach to Platelet Research

Platelets in thrombosis and bleeding

Platelets in Inflammatory Disease

New Anti Platelet Drugs for Cardiovascular Disease and Thrombosis

Cardiovascular Research with Dr Mark Thomas

Cardiovascular Research with Dr Victoria Stoll and Mr Nigel Drury

Cardiovascular Research with Professor Jon Deeks and Dr Winnie Chua

Cardiovascular Research with Professor Ed Rainger, Dr Asif Iqbal and Dr Myriam Chimen

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Athena SWAN - Professor Paulus Kirchhof, Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine


Athena SWAN - Dr Victoria Heath, Lecturer in Molecular Biology


Athena SWAN - Dr Myriam Chimen, Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow


Dr Steve Thomas talks about the Cardiovascular Science MRes Course

An introduction to CATCH ME by Professor Paulus Kirchhof