About us

Graphic illustration of a variety of peopleThe Centre for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism (CEDAM) is an inclusive network of clinicians and researchers that facilitates an ageless approach to translational research and training. We work together in an innovative, technologically advanced, multi-disciplinary environment and share best practice to accelerate highest quality clinical care through research. 

CEDAM brings together the strengths of academia and NHS patient care to deliver in a seamless network built around co-operation and transparency. As members of CEDAM we contribute actively with a focus on delivering tangible outputs based around the strength of resources available within the Birmingham Health Partners consortium and the University and NHS research needs. 

We recognise the importance of sharing the potentially disparate worlds of clinical practice and laboratory and clinical research so that we can exploit our resources and collaborate to rapidly translate research into better clinical care. 

We actively seek partnerships with industry exploring new treatment targets, biomarkers and application of novel devices to help individualise treatment approaches. 

Translational research themes covered by CEDAM are broad and encompass life course relevance, covering a spectrum from community and public health-related diseases through chronic disease management to research into rare and ultra-rare diseases.  

Within CEDAM we recognise the importance of developing tomorrow's international translational research leads and thus we have a strong theme around developing early stage careers in our disciplines. We achieve this through early, active engagement in audit and research facilitated by our highly visible and credible leaders in CEDAM.