This page lists seminars, conferences and other events involving or of interest to CeSMA members, postgraduates and the wider public. Please contact Daniel Reynolds to suggest items for inclusion.


Forthcoming events

There are currently no forthcoming events being advertised. Please check back soon.

Previous events


  • 6th December - Self, Personhood, Ego-history: roundtable
  • 6th December - Self, Personhood and Ego-history
  • 28th November - Women's Literary Culture before the Conquest
  • 22nd November - Medieval Maps and their Literature
  • 21st November - Place and Planet in Medieval Literature
  • 15th November - Postgraduate showcase
  • 1st November - "The Online Piracy Act will take us back to the Dark Ages": Politics, Medievalism and Online Participatory Culture
  • 19th October - Repackaging Genghis Khan: Legitimacy and History in Chinese-Language Histories under the Mongol Empire
  • 17th October - Guy Geltner, 'More Facts and Less Mudslinging': PG Workshop in Pre-Modern Public Health
  • 16th October - Pro salute hominum conservanda: Urban Infrastructure and Biopolitics in Later Medieval Italy
  • 4th October - Here there be spiders: arachnophobia in early medieval texts
  • 30th June - The Late Medieval and Early Modern Reformation Church
  • 29th April - Midlands Viking Symposium 2017
  • 25th-27th March - Global Byzantium
  • 22nd March - Relics and the Insular World, c.600-800, CeSMA Annual Lecture, Speaker: Professor Julia Smith (University of Glasgow)
  • 21st March - The Illuminators of the Middle English Poetic Tradition
  • 7th March - The Normans in Southern Italy: What the Salerno Ivories Tell Us
  • 21st February - Strategies of Parochial Management in Late Medieval England: Three Cambridgeshire Contrasts
  • 7th February - Bilingual Manuscripts from the Silk Road


  • 6th December - Lay Vernacular Literacy in the Court of Edward the Confessor: Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 'C' and the Vision of Leofric
  • 22nd November - Paper in the Medieval Literary Imagination
  • 8th November - Towards a Historical Materialist Critique of Ethnicity: Armenianness between the Caucasus and Medieval New Rome
  • 25th October - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages Seminar
  • 11th October - "All that Glitters" : Gender, value and exchange in Anglo-Saxon England
  • 22nd March - Looking for Jesus: Evidence for the Cult of the Holy Name in Late Medieval English Religious Manuscripts
  • 8th March - Paper in the Medieval Literary Imagination
  • 1st March - Deconstructing 'dynasty': lineage and ethnicity in the golden horde and central Europe
  • 23rd February - Roger II of Sicily: King of Capua. Rethinking the Creation of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily
  • 9th February - Tibetan identity, Buddhism and the Bonpos
  • 9th February - The Minimalisation of Christianity under Early Islamic Rule
  • 3rd February - The emergency episteme of the 'tribe' in Afghanistan, 1850-2015
  • 27th January - ISIS and the use and abuse of Early Islamic History


  • 10th November - CESMA Birmingham Postgraduates Panel
  • 31st October - Death and the Afterlife in the Middle Ages
  • 14th October - Lay Vernacular Piety in the Court of Edward the Confessor: Anglo–Saxon Chronicle C and the Vision of Leofric
  • 14th October - Ecocritical Approaches in Medieval Studies: The Forest as a Symbolic Space
  • 24th March - Expanding the oeuvre and patronage of Ricardus Franciscus: the case of British Library MS Arundel 249
  • 10th March - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages postgraduate session
  • 24th February - Theme: the Estoria de Espanna Project
  • 5th February - Living by the coast: economy, people and identity in a fourteenth-century coastal community
  • 27th January - Family and faith: sensory experience and devotional memory in the Hours of Mary of Burgundy


  • 9th December - 'And he shall stand there all day with a rod': peasant farmers and their farm workers in thirteenth-century England
  • 25th November - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages Seminar
  • 11th November - The Simeon Manuscript and its Scribes
  • 28th October - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages Annual Public Lecture - ‘Geoffrey of Monmouth and J. R. R. Tolkien: myth-making and national identity in the twelfth and twentieth centuries’, Carl Phelpstead (Cardiff)
  • 7th-10th October - Marrying texts with material culture: The Balkh Art and Cultural Heritage Project
  • 26th April - Midlands Viking Symposium
  • 20th March - What do we know about the Vikings now?


  • 9th December - Beauty and the eye of the beholder: Jewish caricature and Christian devotions in the later twelfth century
  • 2nd December - annual lecture: Dante and the Performative
  • 25th November - Heresy, orthodoxy and the Codex Amiatinus Christ in Majesty
  • 18th November - The Fourteenth Century in Zooarchaeological Perspective
  • 23rd-24th May - Birth, sex and death: rites of passage in the medieval and early modern world


  • 14th May - CeSMA Annual Public Lecture “Reinventing the Middle Ages”  - Professor Dame Janet L. Nelson (King’s College, London)