Recruitment target and sites


CATALYST is an adaptive trial with interim and final analyses at 20, 40 and 60 patients per arm. Recruitment will be nationwide, across multiple sites. Currently three treatment arms are open, and there is therefore an overall recruitment target of up to 180 patients. Throughout the course of the trial this target will be amended if additional treatment arms are added.

Ensuring ethnic diversity in COVID-19 research

In the UK, people from all minority ethnic groups (apart from Chinese and Mixed-race groups) are at greater risk of becoming severely ill with COVID-19 when compared to the White population. In particular, Black men and women are nearly twice as likely as white people to die from COVID-19. Therefore, it is imperative that members of minority ethnic groups are included in COVID-19 research.

To help researchers ensure ethnic diversity in COVID-19 research, the NIHR has provided resources which can be found here.

Participating sites

The following hospitals are open to recruitment to the CATALYST Trial:


Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Heartlands Hospital

Good Hope Hospital


Royal Bolton Hospital


University Hospital of Wales


Charing Cross Hospital

Hammersmith Hospital

St Mary's Hospital

University College Hospital


John Radcliffe Hospital


Swansea Bay University Health Board Hospitals

The following hospitals are planned or in set-up:


Sheffield Teaching Hospitals


Royal Free Hospital