Meet the Team

The Glo-BNHL trial is co-ordinated by the Children’s Cancer Trials Team (CCTT) based within the Cancer Research Clinical Trials Unit (CRCTU) at the University of Birmingham.

The Chief Investigator is at Cambridge Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Chief Biostatistician is at the University of Birmingham. Both work closely with the trial team.

Treatment Arm Lead Investigators contribute to the Glo-BNHL trial by acting as deputies for the Chief Investigator’s for a specific treatment arm of the trial. There are two lead investigators for each arm, based in different geographical areas, and two junior investigators in each arm support them.

The Trial Management Group (TMG) is a group of professionals from many different fields and organisations. The TMG meets several times a year to assist with the overall management of the trial and to make important trial related decisions.

The international Trial Steering Committee (TSC) is a group of independent professionals, whose role is to provide overall supervision for the trial on behalf of the Trial Sponsor (University of Birmingham) and the Trial Funders (Cancer Research UK and Fight Kids Cancer). They make sure that the trial is performed in line with the high standards of International Conference on Harmonisation Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP), most importantly focusing on the safety and well-being of the children, adolescents and young people involved.

Principal Investigator at each of the hospitals running the Glo-BNHL trial takes overall responsibility for making sure that the trial runs correctly at their hospital site.

Chief Investigator

Dr Amos Burke

Dr Amos Burke

Chief Investigator of the Glo-BNHL trial and Consultant Paediatric Oncologist



Chief Biostatistician

Professor Lucinda Billingham

Professor Lucinda Billingham

Professor of Biostatistics
Director of Statistics, Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit

+44 (0)121 414 3790/ PA +44(0)121 414 4092



Treatment Arm Lead Investigators


Trial Management Team

Pamela Kearns
Dr Amos Burke
Professor Lucinda Billingham
  • Emma Seaford
    (Clinician, Trial Management)
Emma Seaford
Rebecca Bishop
  • Kiya Hurley 
    (Trial Management, CRCTU)

Trial Management Group

  • Pamela Kearns (Clinician, Sponsor representative), CRCTU
  • Amos Burke (Clinician, Chief Investigator)
  • Lucinda Billingham (Chief Biostatistician, CRCTU)
  • Emma Seaford (Clinician, Trial Management)
  • Anna Lawson (Trial Management, CRCTU)
  • Kiya Hurley (Trial Management, CRCTU)
  • Danielle Horton Taylor (Consumer representative)
  • Suzanne Turner (Biology Lead, UK academic)
  • Birgit Burkhardt (Treatment arm I co-lead, European academic)
  • Sarah Alexander (Treatment arm I co-lead, Canadian academic)
  • Auke Beishuizen (Treatment arm II co-lead, European academic)
  • Birte Wistinghausen (Treatment arm II co-lead, US academic)
  • Veronique Minard (Treatment arm III co-lead, European academic)
  • Paul Galardy (Treatment arm III co-lead, US academic)
  • Charlotte Rigaud (Treatment arm I junior investigator, European academic)
  • Charles Phillips (Treatment arm I junior investigator, US academic)
  • Emma Seaford (Treatment arm II junior investigator, UK academic)
  • James Ford (Treatment arm II junior investigator, US academic)
  • Friederike Meyer-Wenthrup (Treatment arm III junior investigator, , European academic)
  • Keri Toner (Treatment arm III junior investigator, US academic)
  • Representatives from each NCC (TBC)
  • Sub-study leads (TBC)

Trial Steering Committee

  • Lia Gore (Independent Chair, Clinician, US academic)
  • Pamela Kearns (Sponsor representative, Clinician, UK academic)
  • Amos Burke (Chief Investigator, Clinician, UK academic)
  • Sarah Alexander (Clinician, Canadian academic)
  • Carl Allen (Clinician, US academic)
  • Anne Auperin (Statistician, EU academic)
  • Auke Beishuizen (Clinician, EU academic)
  • Lucinda Billingham (Statistician, CRCTU)
  • Catherine Bollard (Clinician, US academic)
  • Victoria Buenger (US Consumer representative)
  • Birgit Burkhardt (Clinician, EU academic)
  • Karin Mellgren (Clinician, EU academic)
  • Véronique Minard (Clinician, EU academic)
  • Nicole Scobie (EU Consumer representative)
  • Birte Wistinghausen (Clinician, US academic)