CREMS Annual Lecture

Every year, the Centre for Reformation and Early Modern Studies hosts a prestigious Annual Lecture.

The Annual Lecture takes place in addition to a packed programme of more informal research seminars, and draws a large audience of staff and students from across the university, as well as from the wider academic and geographical communities. For over a decade leading reformation, renaissance and early modern scholars have delivered a series of public talks to crowded lecture theatres. The Annual Lecture is also an important social and networking occasion. Following on from the lecture and questions from the floor there is ample time for discussion with fellow attendees over a glass of wine or fruit juice. Full details of past lectures can be found below:

Wednesday 4 March 2020
Professor Peter Mancall (History, USC)
The Lord of Misrule and Thomas Morton: Myth, Reality, and the Origins of New England.

Wednesday 13 February 2019 
Professor Lorna Hutson (University of Oxford)
England's Insular Imaginings

Wednesday 14 March 2018
Professor Lyndal Roper (University of Oxford) 
Luther, death and popery

Wednesday 26 October 2016 
Professor Catherine Richardson (University of Kent) 
Things, people, stories - a cultural history of a cathedral yard

Wednesday 28 October 2015
Professor Phil Withington (University of Sheffield) 
The invention of happiness

Wednesday 26 October 2014 
Professor Cathy Shrank (University of Sheffield) 
"Monumentes in process of tyme": remnants, fragments and erasures, Medieval to Renaissance

Wednesday 30 October 2013
Professor Alec Ryrie (Durham University)
The Curious Case of the Protestant Missionary

Wednesday 24 October 2012
Professor Greg Walker (University of Edinburgh)
Witnessing Early Drama: Reviewing the Spectatorial Turn from the Cycle Plays to Shakespeare

Wednesday 26 October 2011
Dr Ulinka Rublack (St John's College, University of Cambridge)
Visual Cultures of the German Reformation

Wednesday 13 October 2010
Professor William Sherman (University of York)
Of Anagrammatology: Decoding the Renaissance and the Renaissance of Decoding

Wednesday 28 October 2009
Professor Mark Greengrass (University of Sheffield)
The Reformation of the Past: Protestants and the Middle Ages

Wednesday 29 October 2008
Dr Susan Brigden (Lincoln College, Oxford)
To Dethrone a King: The Papal Crusade against Henry VIII

In 2005, Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch gave the CREMS Annual Lecture on the subject of 'Iconophobia and Iconoclasm', and Annual Lectures have also been given by Professor Andrew Pettegree, Professor Peter Lake, and Professor Kevin Sharpe.