Counter-Extremism and Education

Room G33, School of Education (Building R19)
Wednesday 14 February 2018 (13:30-18:30)

Bringing together emerging research and analytical perspectives

This free event will feature two Q&A panel sessions with leading academics and it will be followed by a Book Launch and discussion panel.

Event Speakers

Opening remarks:

  • Professor David Gillborn (Birmingham)
  • Dr Reza Gholami (Birmingham)

Panel 1, Analytical Perspectives:

  • Professor John Holmwood (Nottingham)
  • Professor Farzana Shain (Keele)
  • Professor Peter Ramsay (LSE)
  • Dr Shamim Miah (Huddersfield)

Panel 2, Emerging Research:

  • Dr Saba Hussain (Warwick)
  • Robert Faure Walker (UCL-IoE)
  • Dr Claire Crawford (Birmingham)
  • Shereen Fernandez (Queen Mary)

Closing comments and synthesis:

Professor Carol Vincent (UCL-IoE)

Book Launch followed by a drinks reception

During this event we will be launching the new book Education and Extremisms: Rethinking Liberal Pedagogies in the Contemporary worldEdited by Farid Panjwani (UCL-IoE), Lynn Revell (Canterbury), Reza Gholami (Birmingham) and Mike Diboll (Brighton)

Discussion panel:

  • Dr Reza Gholami (Birmingham)
  • Dr Sarah Marsden (Lancaster)
  • Dr Mike Diboll (Brighton)
  • Dr Joyce Miller (Warwick)

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