"The Energy Systems Catapult will support the development of new technology to drive future economic growth", says Nick Winser

Nick Winser, Chairman of the Energy Systems Catapult, discussed how the Catapult will help deliver the UK’s objectives for the transformation of energy systems at the University of Birmingham on Thursday 11 February 2016.

With a focus on energy innovation to meet the 2050 climate and energy target, Nick Winser informed students and guests that “the Energy Systems Catapult aims to transform the UK’s capability for innovation to help drive future economic growth.”

When discussing the Catapult, Nick Winser said:

“We are not short of challenges both in the UK and globally. To tackle these challenges, the Energy Systems Catapult will bring the worlds of research, industry and Government together to encourage and support the development of new technology and cost friendly products and services (covering electricity, heat and combustible gases).

The Catapult will also sit in the ‘valley of death’, where a variety of great ideas fail to get through to commercialisation. The Catapult will do whatever is most valuable to ensure these ideas progress to market, to ultimately promote the country’s skills and strengths.”

Nick Winser also highlighted the importance of connecting with the next generation of scientists and engineers, who will inevitably be at the forefront of developing new innovations to address energy challenges:

“Engagement from UK utility companies, technology innovators and Universities will play a key role in ensuring targets are achieved to help move great ideas and drive commercialisation. As the Catapult is based in Birmingham, speaking to students and researchers at the University is a great opportunity to form relationships for future collaborations, and to highlight the importance of a joined up approach to tackle climate change.”

•    The Birmingham Energy Institute is a focal point for the University and its national and international partners, to create change in the way we deliver, consume and think about energy. The focus being ‘Energy systems’, ‘The Business of Energy’, ‘Energy and Transport’ and ‘Breakthroughs in Energy Technologies’. Co-ordinated research, education and the development of global partnerships is at the heart of the Birmingham Energy Institute’s vision drawing on recognised centres of excellence in Energy Storage, Nuclear Energy, Fuel Cells and their Fuels, Railway and Automotive Systems and Energy Policy and Economics.
•    The Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) is one of ten Catapult centres, established in the UK to encourage innovation and growth in the country’s high-potential industrial sectors. The Catapult’s bold vision is: to enable the UK to be a global leader in the development of new products and services for energy systems (covering electricity, heat and combustible gases).

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