MODES Laboratory

The Multiscale Optimization and Design for Energy Storage (MODES) group led by Dr Adriano Sciacovelli strive to propose innovative solutions for energy technologies to tackle real-world problems.

The activities of the MODES group include modelling, numerical simulations and experimental work. The primary focus of the team is thermal and chemical phenomena. Research within the MODES group explores:

Thermochemical Storage

Thermochemical Energy Storage (TES) has the potential to store heat indefinitely without any losses. One of the current challenges of this field is bridging the gap between sample scale experiments, generally thermo-gravimetric characterization and dynamic vapour sorption, and the reactor scale in order to optimize device performance.

Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization is a form-finding methodology to identify the best geometrical configuration. We use Topology Optimization as a design tool to answer to one of the most important engineering question: how should we distribute a material in a specific region to obtain maximum performance?

Digital Energy Process Engineering

Efficient systems are the result of a synergic integration of components. The MODES group use thermodynamic and advanced process modelling to characterize, optimize and improve energy storage technologies. Crucially, our approach enables to appreciate the existing link between individual devices and whole system performance.

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