ICCS trust research at FINT 2019

UoB at FINT2019

In January 2019, researchers from the Trust working group represented the ICCS and the University of Birmingham at the 10th Annual FINT conference held in St Gallen, Switzerland.

Ana Alecsandru (Doctoral Researcher), Eszter Simon (Teaching Fellow, POLSIS) and Nicholas Wheeler (Director, ICCS) were joined by Business School colleagues Mark Saunders (Professor of Business Research Methods), Neve Isaeva (Doctoral Researcher) and Polly Black (Doctoral Researcher) at an event attended by trust researchers from around the world on the theme “Trust Within and Between Organizations.”

Nicholas Wheeler gave one of the keynote speeches drawing on his research on interpersonal trust in International Relations. Eszter Simon presented a working paper (co-authored with Gabriela Pleschova) on the role of trusting relationships in developing new teaching methods in Higher Education. Ana Alecsandru presented a paper as part of a Doctoral and Early Career Colloquium, a day-long session which included panels on publishing, developing an academic career, and navigating scholarly life.

The conference was hailed a great success, bringing together a rich disciplinary mix of Business Studies, Management and International Relations to address the challenging issue of developing and retaining trust in the modern global world.