New Angles in Glaucoma

ITM Lecture Theatre
Tuesday 25 September 2018 (13:00-17:45)

To register for this event please email Dr Lisa Hill

Dr Lisa Hill Mr Imran Masood
Dr Lisa Hill and Mr Imran Masood

You are invited to the joint University of Birmingham and Birmingham Institute for Glaucoma Research Symposium 'New Angles in Glaucoma', which is open to all healthcare professionals, ophthalmic surgeons, clinicians and scientists interested in glaucoma and ocular research. 

The symposium, hosted by Dr Lisa Hill and Mr Imran Masood, will consist of keynote presentations and seminars from Dr Lisa Hill and Mr Imran Masood together with Professor Peter Shah, Professor Darryl Overby and Lt Col Richard Blanch.

It will be a great opportunity for networking as well as learning about glaucoma research in Birmingham. Lunch and refreshments are included.

The seminar will consist of:

  1. Introduction/overview
  2. Why do People go Blind from Glaucoma: Towards understanding  glaucoma progression   
  3. Aqueous outflow-physiology/pathophysiology and biomechanics (Keynote lecture)
  4. Novel anti-fibrotic treatments for anterior segment fibrosis
  5. Why do retinal ganglion cells die
  6. Micro-invasive Schlemm’s canal surgery-The Science, Practice and the future
  7. Discussions/Closing remarks

This event is sponsored by Allergan; Allergan has had no involvement in the content of the symposium.

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