Electronic Editions created at ITSEE

This page is an attempt to bring together links to all the electronic editions produced by scholars working in ITSEE since its foundation in 2005.


26. Codex Zacynthius 

Electronic edition of the oldest surviving Greek Catena Manuscript, including full transcriptions of GA 040, GA L299 and and English translation of the catena 
https://cudl.lib.cam.ac.uk/collections/codexzacynthius/1            (2020)
see also https://doi.org/10.25500/edata.bham.00000496

25. The Greek Manuscripts of 2 Thessalonians

Positive and Negative Apparatus and Transcriptions of 138 manuscripts of 2Thessalonians: doctoral work of Grant Edwards
http://www.epistulae.com/edwards-phd/            (awarded 2020)
see also https://doi.org/10.25500/edata.bham.00000510

24. Estoria de Espanna Digital

A digital edition of the Estoria de Espanna of Alfonso X, King of Castile and Leon (AHRC: Aengus Ward)
http://estoria.bham.ac.uk/         (2016)

23. Digital Magna Carta for the Society of Antiquaries of London

Electronic edition and Synopsis of three different versions
https://www.sal.org.uk/external/magna-carta-digital/       (2015)
also https://doi.org/10.25500/edata.bham.00000509  

22. Qur’anic transcriptions

Supporting doctoral work by Alba Fedeli, including the Birmingham Qur’an
http://epapers.bham.ac.uk/1964/  (PhD, 2015) 
http://purl.org/itsee/fedeli  (ongoing)

21. Electronic texts of the Pauline Epistles

Work in progress towards new scholarly editions in Greek and Latin

  • Transcription of Budapest Latin Commentary (2013)
  • 22 Greek manuscripts of Galatians (2014)
  • 75 further Greek manuscripts of Galatians (2017)
  • 37 further Greek manuscripts of Galatians, 73 Greek manuscripts of Ephesians (2018)

In addition:
Database of 83,239 citations of Romans & Corinthians in Latin (2015)
Database of 11,764 citations of Galatians in Latin (2015)
Database of 32,121 citations of Romans & Corinthians in Greek (2016)
Database of 3,319+ citation of Galatians in Greek (2016)
Transcriptions of 31 pre-Vulgate Latin manuscripts and commentaries of Romans, Corinthians and Galatians (completed 2013)

20. Family 13 in John

Transcriptions of 13 manuscripts of John: doctoral work of Jac Perrin
http://iohannes.com/family13/       (awarded 2013)

  • Jac Perrin, Family 13 in St. John's Gospel. A Computer Assisted Phylogenetic Analysis (NTTSD 58). Leiden: Brill, 2018.

19. Virtual Shakespeare Performance Archive

Collaboration with Shakespeare Institute
Internal site only, due to copyright restrictions (2013)

18. Insular Gospels transcription site

Transcriptions of Latin manuscripts of the Gospels copied in Ireland 
http://www.insulargospels.net/             (2012–)

17. IGNTP XML transcriptions

Full transcriptions of 244 Greek, 37 Latin and 14 Coptic witnesses to John
http://www.iohannes.com/XML/      (2012)

16. Workspace for Collaborative Editing 

Online environment for editing manuscript traditions
http://www.itsee.birmingham.ac.uk/    (2012–19)
https://itsee-wce.birmingham.ac.uk/    (2019–)
See also the full project description.

  • Transcription reconciler: released 2012
  • Citation manager: released 2012
  • XML browser-based transcription editor: released 2013
  • CollateX-based collation editor: released 2015

15. The Digital Codex Bezae

The oldest Greek–Latin bilingual gospel book, at Cambridge University
http://igntp.org/bezae.html                   (published 2012)
Latin pages: http://epapers.bham.ac.uk/1664/
Greek pages: http://epapers.bham.ac.uk/2167/   (updated 2016)

14. Family 1 in John

Electronic Edition of 21 manuscripts of John: doctoral work of Alison Welsby
http://iohannes.com/family1/               (awarded 2012; 2nd edition 2014)

  • Alison Welsby, A Textual Study of Family 1 in the Gospel of John. ANTF 45, Berlin-Boston: de Gruyter, 2014.

13. Dante's Commedia

Transcripts, collations and analyses of seven key manuscripts of Dante's Commedia (The Divine Comedy) by Prue Shaw
http://www.sd-editions.com/Commedia    (published 2011)

12. The Virtual Manuscript Room

An online showcase for the Cadbury Research Library
http://vmr.bham.ac.uk/    (2009–19)
Site transferred to Cadbury Research Library, 2019

  • first release with 71 Arabic, Syriac, Persian and Greek manuscripts: 2009
  • 26 screenplays, prompt books and manuscripts added for the Shakespeare Institute: 2011
  • 40 Hebrew manuscripts and 28 others added: 2015

11. Codex Sinaiticus digital edition

‘The World’s Oldest Bible’ reunited online
http://codexsinaiticus.org/ (initial release 2008, complete edition 2009)
See also:

  • Codex Sinaiticus, facsimile edition. Peabody MA: Hendrickson, 2009.
  • D.C. Parker, Codex Sinaiticus. The Story of the World’s Oldest Bible. British Library and Peabody MA: Hendrickson, 2010. German translation, German Bible Society, 2012
  • Scott McKendrick, David Parker, Amy Myshrall and Cillian O’Hogan, ed. Codex Sinaiticus. New Perspectives on the Ancient Biblical Manuscript. British Library and Peabody MA: Hendrickson, 2015.

10. Vetus Latina Iohannes Electronic Edition

The 37 manuscripts with a text preceding Jerome’s Vulgate
http://iohannes.com/vetuslatina/ (1st edn 2007, 2nd edn 2015).

Database of 61,368 quotations of John in Latin authors  (2010)

  • P.H. Burton, H.A.G. Houghton, R.F. MacLachlan, D.C. Parker Vetus Latina 19. Iohannes. Freiburg: Herder, 2011–.
    Fascicle 1: John 1:1–4:48 (2011).
    Fascicle 2: John 4:48–9:41 (2013).
  • H.A.G. Houghton, Augustine’s Text of John. Oxford: OUP, 2008.

9. Byzantine Edition of John

An edition of 72 varied witnesses to the text of the Orthodox Church
http://iohannes.com/byzantine/ (1st edn 2007, 2nd edn 2014).

  • R.L. Mullen, with Simon Crisp and D.C. Parker et al., The Gospel of John in the Byzantine Tradition. Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 2007

8. Greek Majuscule Manuscripts of John

The 70 Greek manuscripts of John in majuscule script
http://iohannes.com/majuscule/ (1st edn 2007, 2nd edn 2013).

  • U.B. Schmid, with W.J. Elliott and D.C. Parker, The New Testament in Greek IV. The Gospel according to St John. Volume Two. The Majuscules. Leiden: Brill, 2007.

7. Dante's Monarchia

Prue Shaw's acclaimed edited text and translation of Dante's remarkable treatise on political theory, supported by full transcripts of the text of all twenty manuscripts and of the 1559 editio princeps, together with digital images of all pages.
http://www.sd-editions.com/Monarchia/    (2006)

5. The Nun's Priest's Tale

Edited by Paul Thomas, Barbara Bordalejo and Orietta Da Rold; funded by Brigham Young University, The Exxon Foundation, The Leverhulme Trust, The Arts and Humanities Research Council and private donors
http://www.sd-editions.com/NP/      (2006)

5. Protevangelium Jacobi

An electronic edition of Greek witnesses to the Infancy Gospel of James
Produced by Christopher Jordan and Alison Welsby for the MA in Editing Texts in Religion (2006).
ee also http://epapers.bham.ac.uk/3292

4. The Court of Chivalry

Database of 17th century court records
Created by Prof. Richard Cust and Andrew Hopper (Dept. of History)
http://court-of-chivalry.bham.ac.uk/    (2006–2015)
https://edata.bham.ac.uk/505/  (standalone edition 2015)
https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/court-of-chivalry   (2015–)

3. Clement's First Epistle to the Corinthians
An electronic edition of Clement's First Epistle in Syriac, Latin and Greek
Produced by Aaron W. Neill for the MA in Editing Texts in Religion (2005).

2. Parliament Rolls of Medieval England

Eight million words of transcription and translation of the parliament records of England from 1272 to 1504. Edited by Chris Given-Wilson et al.
http://www.sd-editions.com/PROME/   (2005)

1. The Bayeux Tapestry Digital Edition

Ground-breaking presentation of the whole of this tapestry, with source texts, maps, related images, and scholarly commentary, edited by Martin K. Foys.
http://www.sd-editions.com/bayeux/       (2005)